Original Korea G-scan 2 professional diagnostic tool

Original Korea G-scan 2 professional diagnostic tool 




Triple CPU High Performance Structure

Designed for fast boot-up and high performance by adopting 3 CPUs dedicated to computing, communication and measurement for each


7” Sunlight Readable LCD

7” high resolution 1024 X 600 LCD ensures striking readability with striking graphical display of diagnostic data and information.


Wireless Connectivity

TG-scan2 can access to the internet and utilize smart update*, quick feedback system, real-time PC interface, and direct printing**


16 GB SD Card memory

The most widely used storage solution is applied. 16 GB SD Card sufficiently accommodates entire software applications and data


Rechargeable Battery

2100mAh Li-ion battery supplies power to G-scan2 for more than an hour under full load condition without external source


Win CE 6.0 Operating System

Latest Windows CE 6.0 provides improved smart phone style user interface, better networking and enhanced system security at the same time


Solid and rigid design

Designed to be used in the tough workshop environment. Check out the 4-point fastening main DLC and the 13 tactile keys


24V Commercial Vehicles Support

Asian commercial vehicles diagnosis is G-scan2 unique specialty. Make direct connection to the 24V system of buses and trucks


Diagnostic S/W Fully Compatible with G-scan

Sharing the same communication platform with G-scan, G-scan2 inherits G-scan’s outstanding diagnostic capability and performance


Zero Second Boot-up

For quick boot-up. G-scan2 supports Stand-by*** mode. Press the power button, and G-scan2 wakes up and gets ready for use instantly


*Smart update

If access to internet through WiFi network is allowed, G-scan2 connects to the GIT server through the internet, monitors the availability of updates and downloads to keep its software up to date

** Direct printing

If the G-scan2 is connected to the same network with the PC where the PC Utility program is installed, G-scan2 can print the current screen display or saved screen captures through the PC’s network printer.

*** Stand-by mode

A short press of the power key while operating puts G-scan2 into the Stand-by mode – hibernating with the minimum power consumption, and G-scan2 wakes up instantly by a short press of the power key or by touching the screen.



G-scan2 Base Unit

General Specification

Category Specifications
Micro Contriller
Triple CPU Main control Board ARM11@ 400MHz
Communication Board ARM9 @ 266MHz
Measurement Board (Optional) ARM9 @ 266MHz
System Memory
Main Control Board: NAND Flash 128MB and SD RAM 256MB
Main Control Board: NAND Flash 32MB and SD RAM 8MB
Main Control Board: NAND Flash 32MB and SD RAM 8MB
External Memory 16GB SD Card
LCD 7” TFT LCD (1024 X 600 pixel)
Input Devices
Touch Screen
Power, Enter and Esc keys
4 way directional keys , F1 ~ F6 function keys
Indication Lamps 3 Color LED
Sound Buzzer and speaker
Rechargeable Battery Li-Ion Polymer 2100m Ah 1cell
Operating Voltage 7 ~ 35V DC (10~35V for charging)
Housing Material PC + ABS resin with rubber shrouds
Dimension 230 X 146 X 72 mm (with VMI pack mounted)
Weight Approx. 1300g (with VMI pack mounted)




Category Specifications
External COM port 1 X USB 2.0 standard (master) + 1 X mini USB (slave)
WiFi Module On-board
Blue Tooth On-board


AC/DC Adapter

Category Specifications
Input Power 100 ~ 240V AC
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz



VMI (Vehicle Measurement Interface)


Category Specifications
Voltage Division 2 Channel Mode ±400mV, ±800mV, ±2V, ±4V, ±8V, ±20V, ±40V, ±80V,
±200V, ±400V
4 Channel Mode ±4V, ±8V, ±20V, ±40V, ±80V, ±200V, ±400V
Vertical Resolution 10 bit
Sampling Mode Normal / Peak Mode
AC/DC Coupling Supported
Voltage Division 2 Channel Mode 100㎲, 200㎲, 500㎲, 1㎳, 2㎳, 5㎳, 10㎳,
20㎳, 50㎳, 100㎳, 200㎳, 500㎳, 1s, 2s, 5s
4 Channel Mode 200㎲, 400㎲, 1㎳, 2㎳, 4㎳, 10㎳,
20㎳, 40㎳, 100㎳, 200㎳, 400㎳, 1s, 2s, 4s


Digital Multi-Meter

Category Specifications
Voltage ±400mV, ±4V, ±40V, ±400V / Auto Range
Resistance 1Ω ~ 10㏁ / Auto Range
Frequency 0.5V±1Hz ~ 10kHz / Threshold level : 2.5
Duty Cycle
0.1% ~ 99.9% @ 1Hz ~ 100Hz
1.0% ~ 99.0% @ 100Hz ~ 1kHz
3.0% ~ 97.0% @ 1kHz ~ 3kHz
5.0% ~ 95.0% @ 3kHz ~ 5kHz
10.0% ~ 90.0% @ 5kHz ~ 10kHz
Pulse Width 10㎲ ~ 1,000ms




Category Specifications
Voltage Signal Output 0.0 ~ 5.0 V
Frequency Signal Output 1Hz ~ 999Hz (50% duty)
Actuator Control Frequency Range 1Hz ~ 999Hz
Duty Range 1% ~ 99% @ 1Hz ~ 99Hz
10% ~ 90% @ 100Hz ~ 999Hz
Pulse Width Variable



Diagnostic Functions:

In-depth coverage for Asian cars and Trucks

Vehicle communication part is designed fully compatible with G-scan, which enables the continued provision of unchallenged in-depth diagnostic capability on Asian passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

g scan2 function1

System and DTC Auto Search

“System Search’ option checks all the systems fitted in the car automatically and reports the number of fault codes found and availability of advanced diagnostic functions in each detected system

g scan2 function 2

Screen Capture and Memo

Simply capture the screen any time and add quick hand written notes on the screen. It can be saved and reloaded for future reference.

g scan2 function 3

Favorite and Recent

Bookmark the frequently used functions in the “Favorite” menu, and call the function as needed without having to navigate all the menu layers each time.

The “recent” menu serves as the shortcut to the functions that need to execute in short repetition.g scan2 function 4

Full Text Description

High resolution LCD screen and the 2-line DTC description display feature enables G-scan2 to show the long-text DTC descriptions in full preventing the use of the acronyms or cutting away the significant parts to fit in the limited text space.

g scan2 function 5

Smart Update

Smart Update system provides more flexibility for software management. The old and new versions for each marque can be downloaded from GIT’s server directly as per personal preferences.g scan2 function 6

CAN Line Inspection

G-scan2 offers the function that detects the signal transmission of the CAN-Bus lines, and indicates the status of CAN-Bus signals by showing the illuminating lamp symbols on the screen to help instantly identify the hardware defect of CAN-Bus system.

g scan2 function 7

Simple and easy menu structure

If International is selected, a simple Diagnostic Connector Type selection follows and then the system selection can be made without having to follow further model name, model code, type or model year selections. It is so simple but it is not providing a simplified function. It provides complete function and diagnostic result of the same level as selecting all the details of the test car in Japan Domestic.

g scan2 function 8

Utility Functions

G-scan2 offers a variety of utility functions like Communication Line Inspection, Unit Converter, Calculator, Special Functions Calculator

(Ohm’s Law, Parallel Resistance, Frequency and Period, Tire Distance per rotation, Percentage) for user’s convenience.

g scan2 function 9

Dual Mode for Hyundai and Kia

Hyundai and Kia software of G-scan2 supports dual mode where the 2 of the diagnostic functions

(DTC Analysis, Data Analysis, Actuator Test and Simulator) are executed and displayed simultaneously.

g scan2 function 10

Flight Record

Data Parameters can be recorded any time during the test as the Flight Record which can be replayed in numeric or graphical form.

g scan2 function 11

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